VixWin Platinum

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_platinum - Gendex DentalDigital Age Diagnostics With The Power Of Platinum.
VixWin Platinum combines cutting-edge tools and powerful features that yield crisp, clearly detailed images. With over 70 improvements over VixWin Pro and new time-saving tools, every practice will benefit from the latest innovations in imaging.
See how VixWin Platinum can accelerate the digital radiology workflow in any practice!
Intuitive User Interface
  • Newly designed icon graphics provide an intuitive, user-friendly software environment
  • Fully customizable interface - set background color, icon size, and toolbar functions

Enhanced Image Quality
  • New Optimizer tool to improve clarity and definition of images
  • New Spine Compensation tool for Orthoralix DDE pans

Accelerated Workflow
  • Auto-advance and auto-rotation for capturing series
  • Convenient Quick Mount Selector for the most frequently used mounts
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster image import and export
  • Automatically synchronize image information to the patient selected in the practice management software

Intuitive User Interface

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_intuitive_user_inter - Gendex DentalNew user interface
Newly developed, intuitive icons and toolbars allow users to quickly identify and access tools for image applications, reducing task times and increasing productivity. While all dental professionals benefit from this adaptable, user-friendly interface, new users will especially appreciate the short learning curve that makes the adoption of digital imaging an enjoyable experience.
Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_new_user_interface2 - Gendex DentalVixWin Platinum's new user interface with customizable icon sizing, toolbar functions and background color settings

Enhanced Image Quality

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_enhanced - Gendex DentalAll new Optimizer tool to enhance clarity and definition
VixWin Platinum takes digital imaging to the next level, making it easy for users to take full command of their radiographs. With breakthrough tools, such as the Optimizer and Spine Compensation features, clinicians can easily enhance image clarity and definition for improved diagnostics.
The Spotlight feature further enhances image detail by maximizing the contrast in a localized, user-definable area

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_enhanced2 - Gendex Dental

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_enhanced3 - Gendex Dental

Accelerated Workflow

Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_accelerated1 - Gendex DentalAuto-advance and auto-rotation features for capturing series
Dental team members can set their own series sequence and easily access their most frequently used mounts with Quick Mount Selector. When capturing X-ray images in any series, the software automatically saves, orients, and properly mounts the image. VixWin Platinum then auto-advances to the next position - no further interaction with the computer is required.
Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_accelerated2 - Gendex DentalQuick Mount Selector for fast access to the four most frequently used mounts.
Products|Software|VixWin-Platinum vixwin_convenient - Gendex DentalConvenient integration with all the major practice management programs
The all-new VxLink module integrates VixWin Platinum seamlessly with all the major practice management programs. Using the VxLink, the selected patient information in the PM software is shared with VixWin Platinum allowing easy access to all the patient's clinical images.

Technical Requirements

System Requirements / Operating System
VixWin Platinum software requires one of the following operation system software
  Microsoft® Windows XP® Professional Microsoft® Vista® Business, 32 Bit Microsoft® Windows 7® Professional, 32 and 64 bit
VixWin Platinum Yes Yes Yes
VixWin Modules Yes Yes Yes
System Requirements / Hardware
VixWin Platinum has the following server requirements
Server System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Opreating System Microsoft® Windows® 2k Server
Processor Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz Pentium® 4 3.2 GHz
Memory 1024 MB 2048 MB
Hard Disk 30+ GB 200+ GB
Display Setting 1024x768 at 24 bit true color 1024x768 at 32 bit true color
Video RAM 4+ MB 8+ MB
Monitor SVGA with 0.25/0.26 dot pitch
Netwok card 10/100 Mbit


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