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About Gendex


At Gendex, we design dependable and innovative imaging solutions that provide vital information to support accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment planning. From our earliest days, Gendex has stood by the side of general practitioners and specialists, providing comprehensive imaging solutions to advance the quality of dental health care. We are committed to delivering continuing innovation, dependable performance, and comprehensive solutions to our customers.


We embrace an extraordinary legacy of innovation and success to drive dental imaging forward. Our rich history, unrivaled experience, and unwavering attention to clinicians’ needs inspire us to create the imaging solutions of tomorrow.

At Gendex, we are proud of our 120-year legacy in the dental industry, sustained by an impressive series of successful innovations—designed with practitioners and patients in mind. That’s why our solutions are used by more than 70% of dental offices in North America.* 


Gendex solutions are designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of safety and reliability. Our imaging devices deliver dependable performance and consistent outcomes that dental practitioners across the globe rely on for accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment planning.

Over the years, Gendex has achieved a track record of developing solid, reliable products, from panoramic and intraoral X-rays to intraoral cameras. This includes the iconic GX-770 and the GX-Pan, considered to have set the gold standard of reliability in their categories. Year after year, several leading industry awards have recognized the dependability of Gendex products.


Gendex designs smart, comprehensive digital imaging solutions. Our hardware and software applications seamlessly connect with other components of the modern digital office to build a streamlined workplace. Gendex helps practitioners achieve workflow efficiencies and expand their digital imaging capabilities as their practice grows.

From intraoral to panoramic to 3D cone beam, our products are designed to be complete imaging solutions. For the past 120 years, we’ve achieved a history of integrated, breakthrough innovation. Designed with open, plug-n-play software architecture, our products are flexible as well as scalable, so they can evolve to fit the needs of growing practices.


*Source: Brandtrust, 2012 Dental Market Survey.