Gendex Products

We design dependable and innovative imaging solutions that provide vital information to support accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment planning. Browse our full portfolio of Gendex imaging innovations.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging
Cone Beam 3D solutions designed to enhance your practice and to put you in full control of treatment outcomes.
Panoramic <nobr>X-ray</nobr> Systems
Extraoral imaging solutions covering a range of panoramic (panorex) and cephalometric (ceph) projection needs.
Intraoral <nobr>X-ray</nobr> Systems
Reliable X-ray systems for a consistent, repeatable image acquisition process with film or digital sensors alike.
Digital Intraoral Sensors
Eliminate the need for conventional film and chemicals while reducing radiation dose.
Imaging Software
Powerful 2D and award-winning 3D imaging solutions that seamlessly connect to enhance your practice workflow.