Frequently Asked Questions


This screen-sharing technology allows our Technical Support Specialists to quickly and easily assist in resolving software-related issues by viewing and controlling your computer. When appropriate, our specialists may ask you to start Remote Assistance by providing you with a session key.

How much does it cost me?

Nothing. Remote Assistance is a valuable tool used by our support team and is included free with all of our products. 

After the Remote Assistance session is over, will the technician still be able to see or control my computer?

Absolutely not. Once the session has ended (and you’ll know when the Remote Assistance prompt notifies you and the Remote Assistance window disappears), the technician has no way of re-establishing that Remote Assistance session without your express permission and clicking on a link to allow it.

Will any software be installed on my computer?

No. During the session, a program runs temporarily to allow the session. Once the session is over, all traces of the Remote Assistance program will self-delete and go away. Your system is not changed in any way by the Remote Assistance program.

I am on dial-up. Will Remote Assistance still be available for me and work properly?

Yes. Remote Assistance is very efficient and works great for users on dial-up connections.

I do not have an Internet connection or my computer does not turn on at all. Can Remote Assistance assist me?

Unfortunately, Remote Assistance relies on a computer that can properly connect to the Internet. If this is the case, the technician will only be able to troubleshoot via phone.