One universal driver for all Gendex imaging equipment offering quick, simple installation and integration with third-party applications.


WHAT IS Gxpicture?

GxPicture 3.5.1 CD

A universal driver for all Gendex imaging products, 

GxPicture simplifies the integration of Gendex imaging hardware with any third-party software. GxPicture is capable of transferring images to the imaging application through memory and temporary file storage to provide compatibility with a broad array of technologies. Additionally, by using GxPicture, all advanced features such as image settings and user preferences can be available from third-party software programs.

To learn more about GxPicture and the installation and integration of Gendex digital imaging technology in your practice, please consult the compatibility guide or contact Gendex Technical Support.

Download the latest version of the GxPicture Drivers here.


GxTWAIN 30-Day Trial

Every GxPicture installation includes a 30-day trial of GxTWAIN which allows TWAIN-compliant software to recognize the information being passed from Gendex devices.

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