Utilize widely supported TWAIN technology to easily integrate Gendex 2D imaging equipment with your existing imaging software.


What is GxTWAIN?

TWAIN is the one of the most common industry standards for linking applications and image acquisition devices. This universal standard provided within a TWAIN driver allows your installed imaging software to recognize the information which is being passed to the computer by your imaging devices.

GxTWAIN accelerates the 2D image acquisition process and increases overall office productivity. Users will be able to take advantage of the smart solutions implemented within GxTWAIN: multiple image transfer to your imaging application with the activation of the “Get All” function, image zoom in and zoom out with a simple mouse click on the preview area, and real-time image processing to enhance image quality instantaneously.

GxTWAIN includes a wide set of medical-grade image filters and treatments specifically designed to enhance the quality of images generated by your Gendex imaging device. Adjustments can be done automatically at every acquisition or applied on the fly before transferring the image to your main imaging application. Filters include Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, UL, LL, Mirror, Despeackle, Equalize and the advanced Gendex Soft Tissue Filter for Ceph LL images.



The Gendex GxPicture Suite includes a 30-day trial version of the GxTWAIN driver for all supported devices. After the 30-day trial, it will convert into a simple TWAIN and will not work with all devices.

To continue to use the full-featured version of GxTWAIN, you will need to purchase a license by contacting your Authorized Gendex Distributor.


Please Note: GxTWAIN is not compatible with all image data. It will only support a 2D image acquisition. It will not support a 3D image acquisition. GxTWAIN is a 1.0 TWAIN driver. Some imaging applications may require a 2.0 TWAIN driver.